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With websites for nonprofit organizations & social enterprises

Established to create mindful impact around the globe, Humankind is a nonprofit website design agency that helps conscious brands open the door to engagement, advocacy and influence. Starting with a mission-driven, strategic narrative, our design studio is committed to not only representing your cause, but furthering your journey with sustainable solutions.

The Impact of Humankind

Bring Action-Based

We use storytelling and conversion-based designs to establish a sense of social responsibility and highlight impact.

Elevate Your Funding
& Conversions

Benefit from increased funding thanks to the effective, easy-to-use integrations we develop within every website design.

Expand Your Outreach & Social Good

Create lasting impact with an online presence your cause can naturally, strategically and consciously evolve with.

It starts with a need, an idea, a story — a cause that needs to be amplified to help the world thrive. We see your story, and we’re contributing to your impact as a nonprofit website design company, because no cause should suffer from lack of strong communication.

A Note From Lauren

Founder, Creative Director, website Designer & developer

With a background in journalism and a natural inclination for social causes and community, I noticed quickly how the humanitarian brands I adored often missed opportunities to truly be heard. With limited resources, time and funding, setting up a website to more easily advocate for social causes is often replaced with grassroots efforts that quite literally feel like planting seeds, and waiting for trees to grow. Sometimes, we don’t have years to create the impact the world needs. In response, I founded Studio Humankind with a focus on human-centered design, bringing beautiful stories and voices into the world with websites for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises. Most of my work takes place in Kansas City—chai tea within reach.

Bringing Opportunities To Organizations That Should Never Be Overlooked

Profitable websites should be accessible to nonprofits

Provide Accessible Digital Solutions

Making an impact shouldn’t be out of reach. We provide designs to organizations looking to amplify their missions.

Create a Diverse & Inclusive Community

We want every individual within reach to feel heard, understood and celebrated for exactly who they are.

Maintain Awareness of Social Movements

We are listening for the next story that should not only be told, but that should be acted on, seeking a better world for all.

We partner with social-minded brands, as these are the very organizations who should have unrestricted access to the influence and innovation the rest of the world benefits from.

My Role in the Social Change Ecosystem

developing nonprofit design resources as Caregiver, Storyteller & Guide

As we grow out of childhood, we face more deeply the negativity in the world around us... where tragic strikes, where injustice lives, and how heavy the weight of the world can feel on our shoulders. As children, we often ask "why" to understand the world and to do our best to make sense of it all. I guess that wonder has always stayed with me, too. Growing up, I always felt connected to the people around me, whether I knew them or not, curious about their own stories, which are unlike my own. We all share incredibly different lives, even though we may face similar needs.

As I spent a lot of my childhood and young adult years leaning into photography, I often lit up when I learned about cultures vastly different from mine, as it's something we're not always shown as children (which very much needs to change). Inspired by National Geographic storytellers, I dreamed of the day when I would travel the world to meet new people and learn about their way of life and stories... especially where injustice ripped away the very humanity that calls all of us together as one family.

I can attribute my passion for serving humanity and good causes to my faith, nurturing community, and education, to which I very much recognize are aspects of my life that so many do not have access to, or in very different ways. Equally, as a young, white woman, I recognize and make it my mission to authentically understand the stories of others to the best of my own ability in a respectable and honorable way to their culture and background.

Serving nonprofits has always felt natural to me, as well as supporting the incredible causes and POSITIVE stories the world has to offer. The fact that I exist online today sharing my passion for using technology to support these organizations... that's an opportunity tied to the community in which I grew up that I will never take for granted.

Overall, it's really hard... Anyone who tells you that working in a nonprofit field is easy, likely hasn't worked in one. Most everything is political and everything needs to be handled with grace and understanding. Beyond storytelling, it's about providing sustainable solutions for organizations to operate with their own independence and authority rather than reliance on anyone to provide for them.

As a natural caregiver, I struggle with always wanting to "take care" of the people around me and those whom I may never meet. I recognize that this will be an ongoing part of my deeper learning and greater understanding of how I change serving the world to supports others in empowering ways to allow them to provide for themselves.

I can't even begin to put into words how grateful I am for the work I do and whom I have the blessing of working with to guide them in ways that likewise gives them the tools they need to confidently carry out their mission and provide the same respectful and educational support to those they serve.

The Building Movement Project's Social Change Ecosystem Map has helped me recognize my place in society as a woman passionate about helping a variety of causes. While I may never truly understand what's it's like to be a member of the Black community, LGBTQ+ community, live in a third-world country, or have my freedom stripped away as a refugee, I aspire to use my role as a caregiver, storyteller, and guide to mindfully play my part as an ally in the story of all of individuals experiencing the injustice in these stories that should be made forever humane.

In a country where we celebrate freedom, I remember where the world is not free. Where the majority of the world does not have the blessings I've been given, I make it my mission to alter this narrative. To recognize the deeply rooted stories of others for the pursuit of equity we should all experience in our lifetimes as a family of one.

Thank you always for being my biggest supporters and guiding me in my journey of learning and leading in love. Let's work to design a better world together.

“We are excited to launch with a new website that matches what we aspire to be and will be consistent with who we are and what we offer to partners and donors. Our redesign gives us a renewed sense of purpose and a focus and representation that is what we aspire to be moving forward. It is the perfect bridge from what we have been to what we are becoming.”

Sean Whiting

Executive Director, Restoring Hope Asia

Our website is so breathtaking, clean, and beautiful! Studio Humankind was able to help us show ALL of the giving elements in our Make-a-Difference model in a much more concise, easy-to-follow and well thought-out layout.

hayley santell

Founder & Owner, MADI Apparel

The nonprofit template we purchased from Studio Humankind made the process so easy. There are so many design elements at our fingertips and the text clues for content at different positions made it fast and easy to get our message across to viewers. As a newly formed nonprofit, we are blessed to have you and your resources as a guide.


Communications Director, Autism Alliance of the Concho Valley

I can honestly say that Studio Humankind’s level of professionalism and dedication to their craft is second to none. They have been instrumental in helping us tell our story and showcase our mission.

brian miller

Director of Marketing & Communications, Make-a-Wish Foundation

Not only does Studio Humankind meet expectations with their talent in creative design, they raise the bar in customer service. This is an agency that truly cares and demonstrates this in their level of passion.

megan mcgee

Senior Director of Development, Safehome

We love working with Studio Humankind because of their patience, kindness, and close attention to detail. They’ve introduced our board to a healthier and more efficient way of communication that was extremely helpful and needed.

brittany ma

President, Kansas City Metro Music Therapists

Thank you SO much for everything. I literally have the website of my dreams. It has been such a seamless process and I’m SO happy with the final product.

morgan gross

Founder & CEO, Fundraising Beyond Borders

We had been working through a rebrand internally for many months and did not know how to see around corners, get organized, or whose judgment to trust. Studio Humankind is so responsive, quick, and knowledgeable, as well as made us feel like we were on the same team. Their willingness to be a true partner has been essential in helping us to navigate work that is so critical and urgent.

sara toulson

Consulting Programs Manager, Black Fox Global