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Website Strategy / Website Identity / Website Design & Development

The Black Fox Global team, in addition to a name update, collaborated with our team to develop branding materials to match their identity with their current operations. We developed a new brand identity, copywriting materials, and streamlined website design.


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The Problem

Their team looked to address their external inconsistencies across their branding, including visual, messaging, and website presence. They wanted to use this work to refresh who they were today and what they aspire to be to reflect that to clients, as well.

The Strategy

We developed strategic website architecture that matched their content needs with their future goals in outreach, as well as developed copywriting tools to support their outreach. We also prioritized client touchpoints across their communications.

The Solution

The consistency of the brand reflects the professionalism of their work, while highlighting their impact, partnerships, and expertise through resources and post content. The website now has a more intuitive flow and accessibility for their audience.


Included Pages


About Us

Team Profiles



Fellow Profiles

Our Services

Case Studies

Client List

Case Study Page

Open Source

Black Fox Brief


Individual Post


Thank You


404 Page

Email Marketing

Featured Integrations


Social Media Links

Resource Opt-Ins

email Archives

Contact Forms

Website Development

In our website design process for Black Fox Global, our team worked to amplify the strategic brand alignment and user journey mapping that ultimately brought their audience (and projects) to the forefront of their website development. 

With full strategic research embedded in the process, we helped identify areas of growth in their site architecture development, component designs and cohesive wireframing, branded design application and unique features. We utilized Showit to execute their project organization. This not only allowed for custom page design integration, but also ease of use on the backend for their team to revise content ongoing.
Following our strategic planning, our team ensured that in using the following key pieces in their website development, the organization would be established for success:

Fully Responsive Design

Showit Editor Customization

Content Management System

Third-Party Applications

newsletter archives embed



google analytics

Ongoing Technical Support

“We had been working through a rebrand internally for many months and did not know how to see around corners, get organized, or whose judgment to trust. Studio Humankind is so responsive, quick, and knowledgeable, as well as made us feel like we were on the same team. Their willingness to be a true partner has been essential in helping us to navigate work that is so critical and urgent.”

Sara Toulson

Consulting Programs Manager, Black Fox Global