May 26

Social Impact Brands

Being a responsible citizen means being a responsible consumer and millennials are raising the bar on what that means. They’re less interested in simply choosing a brand because it donates a percentage of its proceeds to charity. To rise above the noise and really get noticed, brands need to give this young consumer an opportunity to join them in their mission.

These efforts have resulted in strong, lasting relationships with their consumers. But you don’t need to be a multi-million dollar brand to deeply engage your consumers and create real change.

How can you tap into a new way of integrating social impact to your work? See the suggested action items below and deeply consider their role in your organization.

1. Integrate cause into your business model
2. Invite consumers to volunteer alongside you
3. Give consumers a way to see the impact of their purchase
4. Enroll brand ambassadors for your cause

Source: Forbes “Cultural Awareness”

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