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Resources for Nonprofit Communications

Through our journal, we share about the depths of developing a nonprofit organization's branding and communications from the ground up, along with providing resources to develop your work in sustainable and effective ways for ongoing growth. 

Creating Brand Trust Through Consistency

Brand Design

Discover how consistent branding can help enhance your recognition, trust, and reputation to increase consistent giving.

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Designing Equitable & Accessible Websites

Equity & Inclusion

Make your organization’s website welcoming for everyone with tips for designing using mobile-friendly assets.

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Showit & Raisely For Website Donations


Discover how Showit and Raisely work together to boost your fundraising efforts, along with donation form customizations.

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Analytics to Deepen Your Relationships

Website & Tech

Master analytics to boost engagement and donations with targeted content for your audience using key data and metrics.

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Sourcing Photography For Your Organization

Content Planning

Find authentic stock photography for your nonprofit with strategic image searching, creative style vetting, and proper licensing.

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Building Values-Driven Partnerships

Outreach Strategy

Collaborate to create impact partnerships with social enterprises through shared values, goals, and strong communication.

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Where It All Began

Traveling the world, immersing herself in photographs that are suggestive of culture and passion, reading page after page of memoirs, our founder has almost always found herself drawn to the stories of humankind that inspire more good in the world. Although she built a reputation on strategic digital marketing and brand imagery while working with various design agencies, she searched for a way to apply her skills in a way that aligned with her passion for storytelling, and her love of social-minded brands.
She founded Humankind to aid the missions of social innovators, to root her work in the very things that support and sustain humankind. With an approach that centers itself in conscious, purposeful communications, Lauren taps into the powers of storytelling, branding and design to attract donors, boost funding and create the distinct results that will contribute to your impact without asking for more of your time. She aspires to spend her life following this same pursuit of devotion, be it with her nonprofit website design work, her family (goldendoodle included) or her faith.

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