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How to Stand Out in the “Do Good” Era

When you’re a small fish in a big pond looking to create meaningful impact in your business, you must have a truly authentic purpose, whatever that may be. New, purpose-driven organizations are evolving in the marketplace each and every day — so how do you set yourself apart?

Check out these five ways to stand out in the “do good” era:

1. Define Your Product or Service:

Distinguish your business through your niche (link the niche blog post). By creating specific goods and/or services, you stand out by bringing a new solution to the market or solving an old problem in a new way. Consider what hasn’t been done yet, or, instead what hasn’t been done well. What are you good at, have a unique advantage in, and are most passionate about? This will guide you in selecting your specific niche to make you stand out in an otherwise saturated industry.

2. Deliver a Unique Customer Experience:

What does it feel like to “do business” with you? Are your customers consistently delighted? Are they immersed in your brand? Why is it that you are going to be the one they come back to time and time again? Make sure your approach is authentic and aligns with your mission at its core.

3. Invest in Strong Organizational Culture:

Has your organization developed an identity that stays true to the message you want to send? Consider this in terms of both those who work for you, as well as those you work for. If you want loyal employees/volunteers, a well-respected brand, and a successful business venture, you first need to invest in an extraordinary business culture.

4. Create a Smart Position in the Marketplace:

Don’t adhere to the status quo’s way of organizing and labeling the service you provide or the product you offer. Position your business in a unique way that defines the result you provide for them or as a means of addressing their pain points in everyday life. No one cares to hear that you are great at being a creative, entrepreneur, or community advocate. They instead, care about what it is you do to serve THEM. Speak in their language and put yourself in their shoes. What are they looking for and how can you make sure that is communicated?

5. Climb Out-of-the-Box:

Most organizations struggle to stand out because they are caught up in what they see everyone else doing. Reject the idea that your offering or service has to be similar to what everyone else has done and instead set yourself apart! Create a different experience for your customers to engage in — it might just work in your favor, as well as label you as the trailblazer you are!

(Resource: Good Must Grow)

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