In our fair trade market, skincare is becoming so important to our awareness of not only our personal bodies, but the world in which live in due to the ingredients produced in common products. So I created this project to envision a skincare brand with products specifically made for highlighting the values and social identity in supporting people, as well as planet. For the brand identity, I used elegant, but conscious typography with no descenders to represent the equality and fair treatment of people, body, and planet at its core base. This small detail is meant to convey one path moving forward – both in consumerism and our environment.


Brand Identity
Product Packaging
Website Design


Develop Cohesive Identity
Create Structure for Packaging
Develop Online Shop for Promotion


As this is a personal project, there are no specific results to attribute to this brand. However, similar branding and design identities have an ROI of more than +211%.

Project highlights

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