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We're a Branding & Website Design Studio for Social Impact.

We’re a humble and passionate design studio committed to telling your story. We develop strong foundations for deeply-rooted causes at the forefront of social justice that drive our world toward action.

founder + creative brand director

Lauren Muth

Lauren holds a BFA in Design and MSJ in Digital Content Strategy. She founded Studio Humankind to specialize in ethical storytelling for organizations tackling complex social issues around the globe. Lauren remains steadfast in her dedication to dismantle inequity, promote diversity, and design a better world.

She aspires to spend her life traveling the world, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. She lives her life rooted in her Christian faith (born on Christmas!), copious amounts of black coffee, and an undying devotion to love others almost to a fault (enneagram 2w3)!

digital brand strategist

Kaitlyn Sifford

Kaitlyn is a double major in Digital Retailing and Retail with a minor in Consumer Experience Management at UNT. She is our Digital Brand Strategist, specializing in black coffee and creative research. Kaitlyn aspires to visit every National Park and give back to others in the communities that have given so much to her.

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