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Website Design for Nonprofit Organizations

story-centered website templates for global social causes

Shift the narrative for your cause with fully customizable website design that revolves around your mission. Here, you’ll discover nonprofit website templates that serves as the foundation for lasting impact, a pathway to building awareness and meaningful action.

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our cause is to elevate yours

Designing A Better World By Putting Your Mission At The Center

Humankind is a socially-driven website template shop and nonprofit website design studio for humanitarian causes and social enterprises. We’re opening the door to the soulful strategies and breathtaking designs the rest of the world benefits from. In this case, we’re putting those strategies to good use with your story at the center, amplified with conversion-focused, modern storytelling techniques that inspire breakthrough engagement.

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Designs Devoted to Global Impact

for a world that relies on social innovators like you

Human Rights

For organizations that
dismantle inequality

Make history with a template that highlights your progress, drives action and encourages policy changes while connecting you with allies.

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For climate change activists & eco-friendly brands

Inspire activism and share needed resources while showcasing the “how” of what you do, and why taking care of our planet matters.



For wellness organizations & social workers

Encourage funding, research and volunteer work with a site that establishes trust while simultaneously boosting your reach.



For schools, teachers & development programs

Engaging templates that encourage enrollment and integral partnerships with a refreshing layout and focus on your approach.



For local, cultural & faith-based organizations

Bring social action, provide local support, heighten outreach and redefine what grassroots efforts look like, and how far they’ll take you.


Social Enterprise

For cause-minded &
mission-driven businesses

Resonate with a mission-driven audience and generate service sales, backed by a story-driven design that awakens unparalleled brand loyalty.


The Solution You've Been Searching For

We use one of the most intuitive and seamless web design platforms — a platform connected with WordPress that creates a trustworthy, seamless experience for potential advocates and donors that visit your site, but also for your team. Easy to use and evolve with, without investing additional time or funding. Meet Showit.

easy to update
(no code required)

Make in-house changes at any time, confidently and quickly updating any copywriting, photos or pages that you need.

Desktop &

Immersive and responsive designs that work and look beautiful on every device with optimized functionality and accessibility.

content manager

Integrate with Wordpress’ content manager to organize dynamic content collections and database information across your website.

memberships & more

Embed your own donation forms, membership portals and additional action-oriented campaigns for a unified management system.

Get 50% Off Showit Plans for Registered Nonprofits!

plus, an extra free month of showit hosting from us (new accounts only)

Showit offers 50% off of their hosting accounts for registered nonprofit organizations. To claim your discount, you must first set up your initial subscription using our referral link for a free month, then during that time, contact their Support Center team to get your discounted plan (applies for both monthly and annual plans).

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Hand-in-Hand With
Your Fundraising Goals

Fundraising should be simple. So our website templates are built to help you monetarily contribute to a greater good.

Our designs bring awareness to beautiful stories, but they also pave the way for more efficient and simplified giving, providing the means needed to advance your cause. We’ve partnered with Raisely so you can embed straightforward donation forms and reach your fundraising goals without complication.

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“We are excited to launch with a new website that matches what we aspire to be and will be consistent with who we are and what we offer to partners and donors. Our redesign gives us a renewed sense of purpose and a focus and representation that is what we aspire to be moving forward. It is the perfect bridge from what we have been to what we are becoming.”

Sean Whiting

Executive Director, Restoring Hope Asia

Our website is so breathtaking, clean, and beautiful! Studio Humankind was able to help us show ALL of the giving elements in our Make-a-Difference model in a much more concise, easy-to-follow and well thought-out layout.

hayley santell

Founder & Owner, MADI Apparel

The nonprofit template we purchased from Studio Humankind made the process so easy. There are so many design elements at our fingertips and the text clues for content at different positions made it fast and easy to get our message across to viewers. As a newly formed nonprofit, we are blessed to have you and your resources as a guide.


Communications Director, Autism Alliance of the Concho Valley

I can honestly say that Studio Humankind’s level of professionalism and dedication to their craft is second to none. They have been instrumental in helping us tell our story and showcase our mission.

brian miller

Director of Marketing & Communications, Make-a-Wish Foundation

Not only does Studio Humankind meet expectations with their talent in creative design, they raise the bar in customer service. This is an agency that truly cares and demonstrates this in their level of passion.

megan mcgee

Senior Director of Development, Safehome

We love working with Studio Humankind because of their patience, kindness, and close attention to detail. They’ve introduced our board to a healthier and more efficient way of communication that was extremely helpful and needed.

brittany ma

President, Kansas City Metro Music Therapists

Thank you SO much for everything. I literally have the website of my dreams. It has been such a seamless process and I’m SO happy with the final product.

morgan gross

Founder & CEO, Fundraising Beyond Borders

We had been working through a rebrand internally for many months and did not know how to see around corners, get organized, or whose judgment to trust. Studio Humankind is so responsive, quick, and knowledgeable, as well as made us feel like we were on the same team. Their willingness to be a true partner has been essential in helping us to navigate work that is so critical and urgent.

sara toulson

Consulting Programs Manager, Black Fox Global

Stories & Articles To Support Your Growth

For founders, advocates & social changemakers

Creating Brand Trust Through Consistency

Brand Design

Discover how consistent branding can help enhance your recognition, trust, and reputation to increase consistent giving.

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Designing Equitable & Accessible Websites

Equity & Inclusion

Make your organization’s website welcoming for everyone with tips for designing using mobile-friendly assets.

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Showit & Raisely For Website Donations


Discover how Showit and Raisely work together to boost your fundraising efforts, along with donation form customizations.

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Free Website Content Workbook

The headlines throughout, the relatable mission statement that should sum up your brand, the way you walk through the history of your organization — so much content to sift through, and so much to communicate, but how? Now, you can use the very workbook we use to break through the overwhelming content organization process, and finally, present your story in a manner that feels right, and makes a tangible difference.

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Free Nonprofit Showit Landing Page

Designed for organizations to launch their message with a landing page that supports their communications and ongoing donations. The best method to test out our favorite Showit platform free!

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