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Created just for you, the social entrepreneur, as a complete guide to developing, designing, strategizing, and marketing your new social impact business.

for those ready to

make a difference

inspire others

change the world

Welcome to my Foundation Essentials

a workbook for the social entrepreneur

Imagine, making a difference in the world and sustainable income all at the same time. Umm...hellooo?! Isn't that the dream? Throw in a cocktail and it only gets better. But hey, believe me, I've been in your shoes. The 9-5 grind is getting old and you're ready to take your mission to the streets. Not every jump is easy, especially when you're looking for a way to get you there.

When you're facing your new business dreams ready to do something bigger and better, that's when you know your life is about to begin. So, let me break it down for you. I know how to get you on the other side, my friend.

Are you ready to make an impact?

Are you ready to

make an impact?

hey, changemaker. i'm lauren.

When I First Started My Biz, I Had No Idea What to Do.

Or where to start. Or how to make sure I was on the right path. I kept running into the same problems and I knew that it was holding my my life back. So I spent a full year learning, testing, and figuring out what worked and what didn’t in starting your own business. I knew so many people were also looking for guidance in this change. That’s how the Foundation Essentials workbook came about.

My hope is that by learning from my own mistakes, other entrepreneurs will be able to avoid some of their own and feel confident growing their own businesses.

“Change is the end result of all true learning.”

— lauren rosenthal

introducing the...

Foundation Essentials Workbook

I created this just for you, the social entrepreneur, as a complete guide to developing, designing, strategizing, and marketing your new social impact business. Every tool and every question you could want in one document. Sound awesome?! Let's go!

let's break it down

Here's What You'll Learn

your mission

Using Vision & Voice for Impact

The backbone of any strong business model is the need for defining your vision, audience, market, and more. It's also vital that brands work to develop a relationship with CSR and a voice behind their values. We discuss the need for positioning yourself with exclusivity and strategizing your offerings with intentionality.

designing a brand

Branding & Website Directional Guides

Through history, design has been used to communicate with others in the world around us, whether through art, language buffers, user experience, product development, or design thinking. It's when we learn to use it effectively that we can make a stronger impact on our communities.

focus on outreach

Marketing Trends & Campaign Strategies

Now that you have everything in place for your branding and website developed (or will soon), it's so much easier to build your CONSISTENT marketing collateral for social media and campaigns for your work. I'll discuss current digital trends and how to create this consistency on your own.


Corporate Social Responsibility

I'll introduce and explain, then ask you to think about the following CSR examples you'd want to model in your business, as well as which are best suited to your industry. Then, give you a guide for seeking out causes similar to those examples with a nonprofit you can work to support.

It could be overwhelming...

your 9-5 job isn't cutting it and you're feeling as through your passion is becoming lost in the everyday struggle

You're completely overwhelmed by what you're supposed to do next, where to begin, and if it's even possible to make the right moves

You want to be an influential voice in your community but find yourself looking to others for answers rather than yourself

You're tired of your parents' generation not understanding the importance of genuine social impact in today's society

at the end of the day you just want to turn your dream into reality and know how to get there the simplest way possible


...or simply empowering!

Renewed confidence in bringing your idea to reality by developing an identity and voice that resembles where you want to go in your life

Guidance on brand strategy and design development to get set up and launching your business' marketing collateral on your own

Strategy in place for integrating social causes and responsibilities into your mission, placing your work at the forefront of our culture today

Content strategy, site map development, and website structure planning for building and launching your website on your own

complete list of tools and resources to get you started in your consistent marketing strategy, including social media and email marketing

This is For You

first, strategize

We will give you all of the questions to put you on the right track, starting with self-discovery and leading into brand strategy.

then, develop

After the questions, we'll jump into the design process and what you need to create to ensure a strong brand identity.

finally, implement

Lastly, we will use everything you learn to tie in our favorite resources for ease of use and continued business growth!

 a year from now

Others Will Be Inspired by the Love and Good You've Brought Into the World

Kind Words from Past clients


expanded her business

"I Highly Recommend Lauren for Her Attention to Detail and Clear Natural Talent!"

Samantha has worked incredibly hard to gain a reputation for her beautiful imagery and impact on growing the midwest community in supporting real estate professionals and attracting families to the area.


grew her community impact

"Lauren Genuinely Wants Her Clients to be Heard and to be Seen for What They're Trying to Accomplish."

Jenny has spent her life healing from depression, anxiety and disordered eating, which has given her new perspective along her personal journey and has expanded her teachings into a community greater than herself.


more than doubled her following

doubled her following

"She is the One Creative Resource Who Really Gets My Business and Exceeds My Expectations."

Merrie's heart has led her to bring about a new sense of style and reflection in relation to spending time lakeside, as well as placing a focus on healing, wellness, and family through her community-engaged blog.


did i forget to mention?

15% of all profits from this workbook go directly to the

Equal Justice Initiative

The Equal Justice Initiative is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society. Learn more about their mission and work at

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages and/or modules are included in the workbook?

160 pages and 5 modules. Let's just say I was very committed during this last year and through COVID to bring valuable education to the table.

What are the key concepts I will learn from the workbook?

The modules include specific questions and workbook-style prompts to get you thinking and working on the following: Self-Discovery, Corporate Social Responsibility, Brand Design and Development, Content Planning, Website Design and Development, Marketing, Social Media, Campaign Strategy, and Outreach Planning.

Does this workbook provide tools & resources to help get started?

Absolutely! At the end of the workbook, I summarize and list out all of the tools mentioned in the sections prior and provide an overview of tool benefits and investment costs for each of those platforms.

Does the workbook include a full branding & marketing process?

While the workbook provides a full outline of skills and tools to get you started, it is only a means for you to develop those assets on your own. If you're looking for professional outlines to get you started, you can purchase any one of my semi-custom brands or website templates!

Will I be given an outline for planning my website layout & social media?

Yes! Like the branding sections, I provide the resources to fully plan out everything you need to get started on building your own website and in creating consistency for your social media outreach.

How can I best implement the strategy from this workbook?

The goal of creating this workbook is to provide all of the tools and resources I wish I had from the beginning as a new entrepreneur to my industry. The amount of time you spend with it is up to you, but it provides a full list of questions and strategic thinking modules that can help guide you in knowing where to start with your brand strategy and outreach for maximum social impact.

Single Payment

digital download of the workbook

15% of profits go to equal justice initiative

discounted upfront payment option



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